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"Heavy heart, clouded mind,

Suffocating in sadness confined.

Darkness consumes, no way out,

Lost in the depths of endless doubt."

"A melancholy, wistful game.

The world we shared, so full of light,

now feels like a faded dream.

Lost in the shadows of the night,

where nothing is quite what it seems.

Oh, how I yearn for what we had,

But time has moved on, left us behind.

And all that's left is to feel sad. 

In the end, it’s just a memory,

a ghost of what it used to be."

"In the silence of night,

As the world fades into a dream,

A lullaby for the lonely,

softly whispers on the breeze.


The haunting melody floats

like a tapestry of sorrow,

As a lone rose in the darkness,

Withers away in silence.


Its petals, once so vibrant,

now wilted and bereft of life,

Echoing away the pain of the lonely,

And the heartache of endless sorrow.


The wind carries the song afar,

through empty streets and abandoned towns,

Offering solace to the lost,

and peace to those who have drowned.


And in the quiet of the night,

As the lullaby sings to rest,

the lonely hearts finds comfort,

in the warmth of its gentle sound."

"A day that's not a day at all,

a cycle stuck in endless captivity,

a record on repeat,

a clock that can’t stop ticking,

living without living, like a shadow on the wall.

The world outside, some distant dream,

a lifeless existence, a silent scream,

a soul that dreams to burst the stitches,

trapped in a shell,

like a bird with clipped wings.

Each morning dawns with a heavy weight,

a heart that sinks, a mind that can't escape.

The emptiness consumes, a relentless fate,

living every day the same,

like a prisoner of state."

"I close my eyes and wander back in time,

to a world that once was.

But now, those moments are just distant dreams,

and what was once, now only vaguely seems."

"Indulgence wrapped in a feast,

a fleeting moment of sweet release.

But as the flavors fade away,

guilt and regret come out to play"

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